People Of Faith is a Humans Of NewYork inspired project that seeks to promote and nurture a sense of community within DBF central.

Get inspired by the stories and say hello to them when you see them!

I’m Sumit

Having run away from my faith for almost 15 to 18 years when I first came to DBF central, this is where I met people of God really taking God’s word and people’s lives seriously. This is where I started growing in my faith and in life, which the Lord Jesus Christ gave me. This is the church where I took my baptism and publicly confessed my obedience to the Lord and where I’ve grown so far and am still growing. It’s a great place to be, where Christ is being exalted; God’s Word is kept unadulterated, truth is maintained and Godliness is evident.

I’m Liben.

—Yes. I’m from Kerala, so Mallu 😉

The Word says that we are to have fellowship with fellow believers so we do not stray away from the Lord.I have found good fellowship in this church; I have been encouraged and motivated by brothers and sisters who love Him and who love to serve Him. The Pastoral team has been a great blessing to me and my family; Despite their tight schedule, they try to meet our needs and connect with us on an individual basis. God has given me the opportunity to serve in this church, the church being the body of Christ. And I would like to appeal to anyone willing to serve the Lord but don’t know which ministry to join, come talk to the pastors. There are a lot of avenues in this church where we need volunteers who could come and help us out.
As a whole, me and my family has been blessed through this church and the fellowship.

I’m Stephen

It’s about people, it’s always been about people. About different varieties of backgrounds of people. Personally for me, thats what this church has always been.
But now that I’m in a place where I am not only just a part of the church as a congregation but also as part of a ministry – I get to see another side of people. Usually, I get to see people sitting in the congregation, listening to the pastor going hmm hmm yeah right good bad no. But now, when I’m behind the drum kit, i see a whole different side – I see people’s emotions, I see them returning and surrendering to God, just happy and grateful to be in His presence. Not every Sunday is awesome but most Sundays are.

I’m Shem.

It’s been about 4 and a half years since I heard about the word of God that changed my life. Many a times we think the Bible is something that happened 2000 years ago. But by attending DBF central, I have realised that the word of God is powerful and that God is in our communities. I have realised the word of God is very much in me in my personal life, my family, my relationship, my career or job, the community in my day to day life. If you are living here in Delhi or visiting, I want you to visit DBF Central and be a part of this fellowship, this coummunity. I can tell you that you will have a change in your heart and I want to urge you to visit us and be a part of this ministry in the capital city.